Closed College Diplomas

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How big is the demand for fake diplomas from closed colleges and universities?

A few years back, when a private business college shut down we noticed a few of their ex-students were contacting us asking us if we could make replacement diplomas from their school since the school was no longer around to do so. We fortunately obtained a copy of a real diploma from the school and used it to create a precise replication. We then were able to produce custom copies of it with unique names and dates, helping those students find personal replacements.

In the time, as more schools closed, students have reached out to us looking to replacement diplomas for those institutes. Others, who choose to invest in fakes to fool a friend, find such novelty degrees from closed universities are beneficially since the documents are harder to verify then novelty diplomas from active schools.

Why do most of these schools close or shut down?

In many cases, the institutes are for-profit and privately run. When they fail to get enough students to attend and can’t afford to operate, they shut down. An example of this would be the now infamous “ITT Tech” which closed its doors in 2016 after losing student aid. Other schools that operate to make a profit sometimes will shut down when there is not enough interest in the school and they can no longer afford to operate.

Although the majority of closed colleges and universities are privately run business, some are public schools. For instance, a junior college in Andover closed down in 1979. Although there is still a registrar office confirming student records, there is no way for an ex-graduate to get a copy of his lost or damaged college diploma. That is where a site that sells novelty diplomas may come in handy.

How can I get are replacement diploma from closed college?

A number of sites that specialize in fake diplomas and degrees can assist you. For example, above you will find a portal to order forms that can help you purchase custom diplomas from closed colleges and universities along with transcripts and packages with both documents. Each diploma is created from an original template designed from a past diploma once handed out by these closed, shut down or unfunded schools.

Can you replace a diploma from a closed high school?

In some cases, we can but we ask that you contact us first and discuss the job with our company. Currently we do not have a closed high school diploma section on our site but we do have a few designs in our database from such schools and may be of assistance.

What if I need a fake diploma from an active school?

You can view our other diplomas for sale including fake ged diplomas and fake high school diplomas and fake college diplomas. We created this special section for products from closed schools due to the research necessary to recreate these documents vs trying to produce novelties from active institutes.