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Buy College Diplomas

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There are a number of career paths where a degree from a university if often a requirement. For others, the idea of having a great is important when trying to present a particular look or sense of professionalism at the job. For these types of positions college documents are often highly sought after with job applicants but not all hires have them.

Take into consideration a graphic design firm. Now most of what somebody knows about graphic design can be self-taught but having a college degree in graphic design is never a bad thing.

Now, Floyd Norman had gotten a job with a local marketing agency doing print ads for their local magazine publication. His job was to work directly with clients who wanted to advertise inside the publication, discuss ad designs, come up with some mocks, etc. Floyd has spent years learning various types of software and knew all about the aspect of designing graphically before he registered for classes at the local university to get a degree in it.

Although he had graduated college and had earned his diploma, the diploma had been left behind at his parents’ home back out west. The firm never asked for a copy of his diploma during the hiring process and he thought it was never going to come up in conversation. Yet, when he started working there he noticed a number of his co-workers had their own diplomas, hung up on the walls of their office, which immediately caught his attention.

It was then that his boss had told him that the company liked for each designer to hang their diplomas up in their office. Although a degree was not necessary, the firm felt that when clients saw a diploma on the wall it would make them feel more reassured about working directly with the designer. The more Floyd thought about that, the more he agreed.

Getting a replacement college document made fast

He told his boss that this diploma was in a box in his parents’ home and getting it may take a few weeks since his parents were out of town at the time. It was then that his boss suggested getting a personal replacement, at least for the time being, made by ordering a novelty college degree online through the internet. He mentioned a number of websites that made custom fake college diplomas that captured the look and feel of actual college degrees. He even mentioned that two other employees at the firm including Cedric Cooper and Grant Colon had ordered items from such places.

Floyd found a website and purchased a product after providing the store with the name of the college, his name, dates for gradation and the degree and major he had actually earned. Within a day or two, the custom college graduate degree arrived and Floyd had it framed and hung up on his own office.

A few weeks later, he meant with a client from the Red Light-Switch Theatre who director had graduated from his school. Although Floyd could see no differences in the fake that was made for him and his old degree, some years had passed since he had seen it and was sure the director could spot the fake which could start some controversy. BUT the theatre director never did! He actually looked at it, started it up and down, including the signatures and asked, “So you went to my same college? Did you know professor Rose?” and apparently Floyd did. I always find that story, one that Floyd had told me personally, as astonishing.

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