Fake Australian Degrees

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Last year, Paul who ran a local Australia production company contacted us about needing a fake Australia degree as a prop. Turns out they were filming a commercial spot for a local accountant. The spot was to show an accountant discussing his firm and in the background, Paul wanted a diploma hanging up on the wall to make the account appear more legit.

This wasn’t the first time we had been contacted about using one of our documents as props. In fact, it’s more common than you may know. The reason is because people like Paul want to ensure that the diploma being displays looks as real as possible so the audience feels the person playing the accountant is sincere.

The diploma we made for Paul a fake Melbourne university degree but we have the knowledge and resources to replicate many more Australian institutes. Whether you seek a fake Sydney university degree, Melbourne, Adelaide, or Perth one instead, we can help. We have also been known to produce high quality certificate fakes from Brisbane, Dawin, and Canberrra and more.

What do I need to order fake Australian diplomas?

First, choose what type of diploma you want, such as a college degree. Then choose between regional designs that will capture common layouts for specific regions of Australia like New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, etc. Or if you go with a replica option, you can ensure you a specific layout that captures the actual schools’ document. So in this case assume university of Queensland fake degree with the actual structure of the real thing.

Once you fill out the order form and process your payment, our staff is immediately alerted about your order. We then go into design more, gathering all of the necessary tools and resources to ensure a high quality fake is produced. Before it ships, you are giving the chance to look over our work and approve everything we have done. If all is well, the item will leave and take a few days to arrive anywhere within Australia.

What if I need a novelty degree but it’s not from Australia?

We can still help. We offer a wide range of products including fake diplomas and degrees from the USA, UK, and Canada among others. Should you ever need help be sure to message us here or chat live during the day.