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Fake Certificates

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Why do you offer fake certificates?

Even though we've always been the best site to buy custom diplomas from, awhile back some customers started to ask about specific certificates, so we added this section which has been a big hit with buyers! Just like with our diplomas, every custom certificate we print 100% custom made using your unique preferences and we have many favorites designs in stock allowing us to produce TESOLS, certificates of marriage, certificates of birth, IQ certs and more.

What Goes into making Fake Certificates?

Like we do with all documents we produce, we have spent time collecting actual certificates from all over the world. Our collection contains so many options and varieties. For example, we have multiple marriage certificates available to us. We took each of them and created unique templates which capture the characteristics of the real certificates including where signatures belong, locations should be put, dates and more. Our staff then uses these specific templates when making an item such as our fake marriage certificate, for you, our customer.

These specific templates ensure the final document looks and feels as realistic and possible. Still have your doubts? Just read reviews left by actual customers on this page and on each product page!

How can I Buy Fake Certificates Online?

Please check our our entire product line below. The product pages will go into great detail about each certificate option. If you need help, like always, support staff is here via phone at (305) 892-8886, email and live chat assistance. Just visit our support page.