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Buy Fake Transcripts

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How to Buy Fake Transcripts from High Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc!

First question you may be asking yourself is, what is a transcript? Good question. A transcript is a typed up breakdown of all the classes or courses one may take to earn a degree from a high school or college. They showcase scores for each class showing how good (or bad) you performed in each.

In the case of fake ones, actual transcripts are recreated with personal details and custom information. Item such as these make great personal replacements or novelties for showing off to a friend! Imagine telling somebody you got an A+ in the most difficult class ever! Cool, huh?

What comes with one of your phony academic transcripts?

  • All of our fake transcripts are all personalized with your name, school information, specific graduation dates, related classes to the degree and major, custom scores, and more. Our goal is to make a document that looks and feels like it could have been presented by a local school. Features include but are not limited to:
  • Being printed on special security paper with unique features such as protection against tampering, copying and more. Features found on the same sort of papers registrar offices use!)!
  • Embossed with our special die cast!
  • Signed with realistic digital signatures!
  • Prorfessionally printed, carefully package and shipped direct to you!
  • Come with free proofs, to check our work, if requested during checkout.

As with any document we carry, extra copies are also available at the time of purchase.

What classes or courses go on your fake transcript?

We stock a variety of coursework for a number of popular degree and majors. We don't carry every option and we don't produce medical or law related products for legal reasons. What we ca make includes popular favorites that you would spot at colleges such as bachelor degrees and doctor degree options and traditional high schools coursework. All of our coursework lists general classes but we do not guarantee that the classes will match the exact same classes that your school may be using. The classes will though relate to the degree you want and for 99.9% of our customers, our transcripts are realistic enough and trick 99.9% of people.

Others may want something more detailed. Maybe you need specific classes in a specific order with specific grades? If that's you, please upgrade to our custom coursework option. This is where we can supply us with a special list of classes you want featured on your new transcript. You can be a specific as you want, demanding a particular class in a particular semester or a certain grade for a certain course. Whatever you don't inform us of, we will make our best determination with. So it's best to be as specific as you can, when requesting this upgrade which you can do when filling out one of our fake transcript order forms.

I need fake transcripts but I also need a diploma!

Most of the time a transcript or final academic records are handed out along side a diploma too. Most people want both items and it's understandable to request them together. This is why we offer complete packages that allow you to get both documents together. And because you are buying both, we can cut you a good deal and save you some money! For more information, see our packages here.