Fake GED Diplomas and Transcripts

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What are Fake GED Diplomas and Transcripts

When you finish a GED, they usually present you with a certificate or diploma along with a set of score sheets. These sheets go over how good or bad you did on each part of the test. This is why we offer fake GED diplomas and transcripts or combo packages of both documents! These packages include a ged diploma along with matching transcripts for ged giving you everything you would want.

You can order both items separately or when you buy them together because it saves us money, we pass those savings onto you in the way of package discounts.

How to Order Fake GED Diplomas and Transcripts?

If you are ready to buy one of our GED packages, please look above for options. You can buy a "fake" version which contains a custom made diploma template or a "replica" which is a more authentic match to what your local testing enter may be handing out. If you need help, we offer live chat, phone support and email.