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fake diploma templates

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We’ve had a number of customers contact us and describe the buying experience of fake diploma templates as an “art project” and we certainly wouldn’t argue with that assumption. Fact is, it really is a project as sorts because we give buyers complete control to design the diploma of their dreams.

Take into considering, Samantha who contacted me about a fake high school diploma template. She said that she was looking for a local design, common to something that might be issued out in Florida where she lived. We had the ability to use a local Florida layout which worked for her. Now, the reason why templates become a better fit for her was because she specifically wanted us to use white paper instead of the cream color paper her school actually uses. She also wanted a gold seal and not a full color seal like was common. With a template, we can adjust the diploma just as Samantha wanted it, whether she wanted some characterizes but not others.

Now some of you may be saying, “why not just do what the school does?” and although I can see the argument for that, even customer is different. This is why we offer you the ability to customize our line of stock diploma templates. If you want a true replication of an actual diploma from a high school or college, we strongly recommend you upgrade to our more extension but higher end replica diplomas.

Why are stock diploma templates more affordable?

Because we only utilize a handful of 360+ original regional templates, our staff can often print off the majority of a diploma minus specific details such as the school’s name, dates for graduation and student information but then apply that information later during the final printing of the product. This cuts down on production save, saving us labor and allowing us to pass the savings off to you.

With a replica diploma, because everything is 100% custom made and replicated from an original template, the process is much more time consuming and we don’t have many areas where we can skip over steps and cut down on costs.

How can I buy a stock diploma now?

Look above to choose from our fake diploma templates from high schools or colleges or GED testing centers. You can also purchase these diploma templates with a set of transcripts as a package deal. A transcript will showcase class scores and coursework and are a great compliment to any diploma purchase from our website. In most cases, we strongly recommend getting both documents together as package since in many cases a diploma will come with a transcript when presented by a school. It makes the document look more legitimate.

If you have specific questions about templates and customizing them, be sure to email us here or call 305-892-8886 during normal support hours. We thank you again for stopping by.