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If your shopping around for a fake diploma from a ged testing center, high school or college, changes are saving some money on it wouldn’t be a bad thing! Then again finding savings on any of our products including fake academic transcripts or certificates wouldn’t be too bad either.

Welcome to our sales page where we list current products that are marked down from their original price. In some cases, you can save up to 20% off select items (maybe more).

What do certain items go on sale?

A lot of times it comes down to the supplies necessary to produce each item. For example, the majority of ged and high school diplomas often use a particular type of paper set. If we can get a good deal on that paper or over ordered it, we can lower the sales price of those diplomas for our customers. Other times it’s simply due to demand and promotions to boost sales.

I don’t see an item I want on sale

You may or may not see a specific item you want at a discounted rate. Our list of items here often does change, so if you can wait to purchase a certain type of document, you can always wait for it to go on sale.