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Customer Reviews , Testimonials and more from BuyaFakeDiploma!

The following page contains feedback submitted by customers. Some information such as names may have been changed at the request of the customer. If you would like to live feedback, please message us. We appreciate all feedback, even criticism. You can also check out product reviews for detail reviews on each item. These are reviews about our company as a whole.


"I do a lot of research on any business before I buy and your site was no exception. What scared me was there were a number of off putting reviews on these different blogs and message boards and review forums but much of the feedback seemed to lack any credibility and honesty, I felt like most of what I was reading wasn't legit at all. I think one review I spotted said something silly like you guys had no phone number and she couldn't call anybody. I looked at the top of your site and the stupid phone number was there and I called it and some guy named Brian said hello. So, I immediately thought THAT reviewer was just some moron or maybe some other site owner trying to scare me off from you to them. Interview reviews are often a total joke. And yes, there was bad feedback on every other novelty degree shop out there and again, you have to wonder what of this stuff is truly legit and what is total bs? I just took a chance and order regardless of what a few posted testimonials were saying, knowing my bank would protect my purchase regardless if I was scammed. First off, to anybody else who reads this the staff was helpful and available and more importantly, the item arrived. Let's get that straight. I have to say, that I amazed at what I was given by you. Obviously there are slight differences, very slight, that you likely do to cover yourself and I get that but this final document is pretty darn remarkable. I actually showed this to my cousin who graduated from state two years prior to me and he still has his degree. He thought what you made was totally legit, so your design staff should be very proud of the products you put out. I wanted to get this to show my son who is thinking about going to college and he asked me about my degree which I was unable to find. I had some issues going through the school and well, to make a long story short, the concept of your business seemed like a great idea and a convenient quick solution. I normally don't leave feedback when I buy items because it's a lot of effort but I read some crazy stuff out there about scam this and scam that, and stuff saying sites take their money and blah blah blah and I know now that is totally crap with you all and I don't know if this review will help you but if it helps reassure a buyer or two, feel free to use or post it online or whatever you want. Just change my name cause me buying this kind of stuff is not something I want the whole world to know about. BUT again thanks for being a honest company and professional. This industry needs more guys like you all." - Jeffrey Swanson

"One of the few sites left offering free shipping. THANK YOU!" - Alma Nichols

"The designer was able to work with me a few changes I wanted made and I very much appreciate it. I was also concern the changes were going to greatly delay my order but she worked so fast!" - Erik Goodwin

"I have been trying to replace Nevada high school documents when I found you had fake Nevada high school diplomas and transcripts! Ordered them last week from the site after you guys confirmed my high school and graduation year. Been pleased with everything, final documents look amazing." - Dana Arnold

"All of you guys, especially @Elizabeth provide great customer service!" - Dale Morris

"My high school diploma just came today. The driver dropped it off. It looks wonder! Sorry I was so difficult to work with at times but I had been scammed before." - Nathaniel Torres

"Much thanks. Wish there was more companies out there, selling the stuff you do, and operating like you guys do. You all set a high bar.." - Sonia Lee

"Your process from processing to delivery is outstanding. I can't believe I got my diploma delivered in just a few days. It looks great but I'm sure it will look 1000x better when I get it framed." - Nellie Harrington

"The proofing process was so easy. I love how the system you uses, alerts when the designer would reply back. By the way, tell @Cheryl the design who did my fake new york high school diploma that the final sample looked awesome!" - Susan Arnold

"I wrote maybe six websites this weekend. Not a single on replied but you guys. I am impressed with such a tight ship you run there." - Diane Jimenez

"You site is so easy to understand. One of the best out there. Wasted about thirty minutes on a few others, getting nowhere." - Anne Montgomery

"Thank you so much for responding to all of my questions and concerns so fast. I just ordered my diploma from Vancouver this morning." - Amelia Greer

"Very impressed with your staff. Everybody has been a huge help."- Enrique Santos

"The truth is about six months ago I purchased a fake diploma from a website which asked me to wire almost $500 to somebody. After a week, nothing had come! I had written the site back and they were not responding my emails and they offered no chat or phone or any other way to reach them. I was furious. A guy who ran a review blog suggested your site and the things that I liked right away was the working phone number and ability to chat. That sort of let me know that I could trust you. I still had my doubts because of the time I was ripped off but I took a chance. I can say that the process with the designer was easy and I got the final document in a day, so I was happy with how it all worked out. I wish I had found you guys sooner. That is my only regret."- Marc Gutierrez

"Thank you so much for the exceptional customer support. Again, dealing with @Elizabeth over chat was way less of a nightmare than some other sites I've tried."- Candice Chapman


More reviews are coming. We are trying to add more without overpowering the page. We would also love to hear from you, again whether it's good or bad as input from buyers allows our business to improve in time.